When you need professional, reliable snow removal equipment for your commercial location or snow removal company, you need a Hiniker snowplow and spreader. Compare top Hiniker products to discover the best snow removal equipment for your situation. Upgrade to an industry-leading snowplow and improve the efficiency of your snow and ice removal projects.

Professional-Grade Truck Plows

Hiniker offers many different truck-mounted snowplow options allowing you to select a custom plow that fits your job and personal preferences. Choose from a wide range of snowplow sizes and configurations to customize your truck and prepare for any amount of snow. Here are cutting-edge features that you’ll enjoy when you invest in a Hiniker truck-mounted snowplow:

  • Durable plow material options: steel and rubber
  • Convenient electrical and hydraulic operation
  • Rapid mounting features

Choose between steel, stainless steel or poly moldboard blades for an unbeatable snowplow. A poly blade is a corrosion-proof option that won’t fade or need to be repainted. Stainless steel is also resistant to corrosion and offers a flashy classic look. Hiniker uses advanced electrical components that are proudly made in the USA. Hiniker’s joystick controllers can be customized to meet your personal preference. High-end quad halogen headlights blast through dense fog and melt off thick snow to keep your vision clear.

Finally, a truck-mounted snow plow is easy to mount or disconnect as needed, saving you both time and money. The Quick Hitch saves weight and wears on your truck when a plow is not needed. Simply drive the truck forks into the plow receiver, lock it in place and connect the electrical system for fast-paced plowing.

Efficient Skid Steer Plows

When you need a commercial snowplow that is compatible with your skid steer, it’s time for a Hiniker skid steer mounted snowplow. Here are just a few options you can choose from for premier snowplowing power around your commercial parking lot or other location:

  • Conventional plow
  • Reversible C-plow
  • V-plow
  • Scoop plow
  • Snow pusher

Serious snowfall requires a serious snow removal tool. Hiniker uses the same reliable, reinforced moldboard to clear wide swathes of snow at once. A free-floating blade design ensures your plow can safely clear snow from uneven surfaces.

These dynamic plow options allow you to keep your skid steer operational all year round. If your lumberyard, outdoor storage area or parking lot is covered with snow, use a skid steer mounted snowplow to access these areas.

Versatile Spreaders

Hiniker also has ice removal solutions for your commercial property or residential service provider. Compare these dependable sand and salt spreaders today to find the option that fits your truck and your project.

Tailgate spreaders, conveyor spreaders, and electric auger spreaders all create a steady stream of liquid deicer or salt to prevent or remove ice accumulation in parking lots, driveways and other areas. Don’t let ice become a safety hazard, but enjoy the latest in efficient spreading technology.

Hiniker Quality

Plenty of companies offer these products for your snow removal needs. However, few have the experience, reliability, and commitment to excellence as Hiniker. Hiniker Company has over 30 years of experience designing and manufacturing quality snow removal equipment. Choose a company that continues to stay at the forefront of innovation and excellence.

Compare Plow Products Today

Whether you need a truck-mounted plow for your residential snowplow service or an entire fleet of skid steer plows and spreaders for your company, turn to Hiniker. Find a dealer near you to find out how you can pick up an affordable snow or ice management tool today. Discuss your snow removal needs to find the ideal option that fits your equipment, your situation, and your budget