High-Performance Trip-Edge Snow Plows

Put snow in its place with Hiniker’s wide selection of durable, efficient, and innovative snowplows. Whether you’re operating a commercial snow removal service or searching for a solution to clear a business parking lot, Hiniker has you covered.
When choosing the right snowplow, it’s important to compare a few factors carefully. Ask your dealer for the right snowplow for your truck and your plowing situation based on these factors:


Hiniker offers both poly moldboard blades, stainless steel, and steel options. Hiniker’s horizontal-truss moldboard design provides incredible strength, durability and resistance to bowing. The corrosion-proof HDPE poly moldboard is dent-resistant with less surface friction for easier plowing and greater efficiency. In addition, impregnated color means long-lasting, good-looking appearance. Owning the poly blade means that snow will never stick to your plow and you will never need to paint the blade. For those interested in the poly blade, we recommend the 7000 Series Straight Blade Plow, the 8000 Series C-Plow, or the 9300 Series V-plow. Hiniker also provides the 2000 Series Heavy-Duty Full-Trip Steel Plow for those who prefer a steel blade. Hiniker’s split-trip edge allows right and left side cutting edges to trip independently, giving you the durability you need.

Electrical, Hydraulics, and Lighting

Hiniker’s electrical components are made right here in the USA. The controllers are convenient, compact, and user friendly. It can mount in your truck with the optional flexstand so you can position the controller exactly where you need it. The joy-stick is simple, allowing users to move the plow without even looking at the controller. The 8000 Series Reversible C-Plow is an excellent example of Hiniker’s one-of-a-kind innovative technology. The C-plow converts from a conventional plow into a backdrag plow with the push of a button, letting you remove snow quickly and easily from garage aprons, curbs, loading docks, and tight corners. Then touch a button again to flip the blade upright and push the snow away. Hiniker’s super-bright quad halogen headlights have up to twice the power of typical sealed beam lamps.

Quick Hitch

When a blizzard hits, don’t struggle trying to mount your plow in the cold. Hiniker’s quick-hitch snowplow mounting system is the fastest plow mounting system available! The self-aligning drive-in mount lets you connect your Hiniker plow in seconds. This eliminates manually lifting, pushing, and pulling the plow into place. Drive truck forks into the plow receiver, pull the lever to lock the plow to the truck and raise the stand, and plug in the connection- it’s that easy! Reverse the process to disconnect the entire plow assembly just as quickly, leaving it ready for the next snow. Because Hiniker makes it so easy to disconnect your plow, you’ll save weight and wear on your truck when the plow is not needed.

Your Plowing Application

When selecting the perfect plow, think about what you will be using it for. For parking lots and residential areas, we recommend a Scoop Plow or V-Plow. For tight spaces, the C-plow works best. In rural situations, the V-Plow shines. Hiniker is proud to offer industry-leading plows made to fit all trucks (link to fit my truck page). These plows are equipped with the latest electrical and hydraulic components made right here in the USA. Move snow efficiently this winter- upgrade to a Hiniker plow and keep the roads clear as your truck powers through the drifts. Shop online or find a dealer near you today to improve your snow removal abilities.

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