For those with a commercial or industrial need to get rid of snow powerfully and efficiently, Skid Steer Mounted Snowplows can help any professional see snow for its potential. Hiniker offers a wide variety of snowplows that attach easily to your skid steer, so you can get the job done quickly!

Skid Steer Conventional Plow

While it’s deemed a “conventional” plow, there’s nothing conventional about the strength and performance behind this snowplow’s reinforced 30-inch-high, 12-gauge moldboard. For even more strength, we’ve designed this plow with box-section tubular steel frames. Further, its blade is free-floating and with a built-in 15 degrees of horizontal oscillation, allowing it to clear even the most uneven surfaces.

The Skid Steer Conventional Plow comes in four models. You can choose a blade width of 7.5 feet to 8.5 feet, meaning you’ll be able to use this plow in both narrow and open spaces. To help with wear and tear, each blade comes with replaceable cutting edges and skid shoes that adjust with ease.

Skid Steer Reversible C-Plow

Simply put, the reversible C-Plow takes the performance of the conventional plow but adds the ability to back drag, too, and all with the push of a button. This allows you to plow and move more snow in less time than then conventional model, even in cases of tight spaces like loading docks, garage doors, around parked cars, or curbs.

The versatility of the reversible C-Plow means you won’t need to purchase or rent multiple types of snowplows to get the complete snow removal your commercial or industrial space requires. With a corrosion-free and low-friction poly moldboard surface, you’ll also save in the long run due to this snowplow’s durability.

Skid Steer Scoop Plow

Ideal for clearing large areas, such as parking lots, the Skid Steer Scoop Plow’s angled design enables the plow to gather and move massive amounts of snow. The blade ends pitch forward at a 20-degree angle, and you can also rotate the blade side-to-side for windrow plowing.

This design gives you the possibility of angling the outer end up to 50 degrees when it’s in its full left or right position, reducing high-side spillage. For those well-versed in moving lots of snow quickly and efficiently, you’ll know this design will catch snow and keep it moving forward, not falling off the side.

Skid Steer V-Plow

For those seeking versatility with their Skid Steer Mounted Snowplow, it’s hard to go wrong with V-Plow. With a two-way hydraulic system that puts you in full control of the blade, you’ll be able to reconfigure the snowplow into five different modes:

  • Left
  • Right
  • Scoop
  • Straight
  • Vee

You can’t have versatility without durability, and the V-Plow stacks up there, too, with abrasion-resistant sheathing that shields the hydraulic hoses from the wear stemming from typical use. The box-section steel-tube frame also provides increased fortitude. With the multi-mode operation and a well-constructed, long-lasting design, this may be the only plow your commercial or industrial space will need, ever.


The VersaPlow is efficient, combining the function of a box-style containment box and a conventional snowplow into on rugged piece of equipment. With side panels in the forward positions, the VersaPlow is a high-capacity system that can be used for a wide variety of tasks. Roll the side panels rearward to form a super-efficient back drag box plow to get close to garage doors and maneuver around parked cars. The VersaPlow features full hydraulic angling capabilities for conventional windrow plowing.

This allows you to have all three functions in the palm of your hand. The accommodation is exceptional. If you want to have it all in one system, the VersaPlow is always the way to go.

Box Plow

If you are looking to combine strength, performance, and durability, the Box Pusher is the perfect snow removal system for you. The box pusher is a system that can be used on different surfaces, giving you a solution for different situations.

A strong rubber cutting edge offers excellent cleaning on asphalt surfaces while heavy-duty steel skids carry the pusher over uneven surfaces. The Hiniker 3600 Series snow pushers have 3/8 inch thick steel sides are 36 inches deep for lots of snow moving capacity. The Box Pusher is long-lasting, efficient, well-constructed, and ideal for most situations.

Skid Steer Snowplows at Hiniker

If your commercial or industrial space needs professional strength to clear snow from any area – large or small, tight or wide, even or uneven – then reach out to your Hiniker today. Hiniker’s experience in designing and manufacturing snow removal equipment dates back decades, and our product lineup includes the Hiniker Snowplows listed above, as well as our Skid Steer Mounted Snow Pushers. Find your local dealer today!