With a variety of snowplow products, it is understandable that you may have questions. For answers to some of our most asked questions, please make sure to check out our snowplow FAQs below.

What Type of Snowplows Do You Manufacture?

Hiniker manufactures a diverse lineup of snowplows, spreaders, and accessories. Our lineup is designed for commercial applications, meaning they are sturdy, efficient, and capable of handling anything from tight alleyways to expansive parking lots. We typically divide our snowplows into 2 main – categories:

What Product Lines Do You Offer?

Each category contains several product lines based on their size, strength, and specific need. For truck-mounted snowplows, we currently manufacture eight product lines:

When it comes to skid steer mounted snowplows, we currently manufacture – six product lines:

Which Hiniker Snowplow is Best for My Specific Need?

You will find the best snowplow for your needs by looking at two main factors:

  • Your intended use.
  • Your truck’s or skidsteer loader’s capability

For normal, everyday plowing, one of the Hiniker straight plow models will give you years of service with a minimum of downtime. All Hiniker straight plows are built with commercial-quality components. Just use our selection charts to pick the model that best matches your truck.

If you plow parking lots or other big open spaces, a Hiniker Scoop plow or V-Plow is probably your best option.

The V-Plow is also a popular choice for breaking through deep snow accumulations.

If you need to pull snow out of driveways, recessed loading docks, or other tight spaces, the Hiniker C-Plow will do so with unparalleled efficiency.

*All of the above plows are available for trucks or skidsteer loaders. *

If you own a skid-steer and need a plow for multiple uses, we would recommend the VersaPlow which combines the functions of a box-style pusher, a backdrag plow, and a conventional angling plow into one piece of equipment.

What are the Benefits of a Hiniker Snowplow?

Hiniker takes pride in its smart designs. Our designs are user friendly, durable, and innovative

Our quick-hitch mounting system is the fastest snowplow mounting system around, with a self-aligning design that allows you to simply drive up to the plow and connect with ease. Disconnecting is just as easy.

Our innovative design process also shines when it comes to our snowplows electrical, hydraulic, and lighting systems. Hiniker’s electronics are made in house in Mankato, MN. The joystick’s ease of use means your eyes won’t have to keep shifting down to the controls while driving. This intuitive design is customizable to your preferences, improves safety, and makes operation a breeze.

What Snowplow Accessories Does Hiniker Manufacture?

To make sure our snowplows are ready for your specific needs, we also manufacture an assortment of accessories and replacement parts that can further enhance your plowing experience:

  • 1/2-inch steel cutting edges
  • Box ends
  • Curb guards
  • Emergency parts kit
  • Flexstand controller holder
  • Genuine Hiniker replacement parts
  • Hiniker Cold Flow Hydraulic Fluid
  • Polyethylene snow deflectors
  • Rubber cutting edges
  • Rubber snow deflectors
  • Skid shoes
  • Snowplow emergency transport strap
  • V-plow box wings
  • Wear bars

Some of these accessories may work -only with specific product lines. The box ends, for example, help capture snow, making -them ideal for the straight-blade and C-Plow use. For more details about how these components may help you, make sure to check out our accessories page.

How Can I Find Out If A Snowplow Fits My Vehicle?

Through our diverse product line, we offer snowplows -for most full-size pickup trucks and many medium duty cab and chassis models. For both our dealers and our customers, our Match My Truck page can help you find the best options for your specific-. You’ll be able to search for your specific vehicle and find -which plows and truck mount kits will work with your vehicle

How Can I Find a Hiniker Dealer in My Area?

The quickest way to find your local dealership is to search our Find My Dealer page. You’ll be able to input your zip code and select a search radius to find all the dealers in your area.

Do Hiniker Snowplows Come with a Warranty?

Hiniker offers a standard written warranty which can be found on our website. Hiniker dealers are currently not authorized to offer other warranties on behalf of Hiniker for our snowplows.

Where Can I Find a Product Manual for My Snowplow?

You’ll find our installation, operator’s, and parts manuals here. All are available in PDF format for easy downloading.

Is There a Catalog or Brochure I Can Look Through for More Details on Your Snow Plows?

You should find all the information you need about our products on their various product pages. However, if you prefer a different format, we also offer a digital product catalog.

How Much Do Your Snowplows Cost?

Our snowplows are reasonably priced, especially when considering their innovative design and durability. For specific pricing questions, you should reach out to your local dealer. They handle all orders and pricing inquiries since each dealer sets their own pricing based on our suggested price model.

How Do I Contact Hiniker Company?

We recommend you contact your dealer with questions related to pricing, installation, parts, or service. If you have a customer service related question that is not being addressed by your dealer, please call us locally at 507-625-6621 or toll-free at 800-433-5620. If you’d prefer email communication, please fill out the online form on our Contact Us page. We encourage you to provide as many details about your question as possible so we can best help.

Why Should I Purchase a Hiniker Snowplow?

Hiniker Company is an experienced, accomplished manufacturer that has spent the past three decades designing and crafting snow and ice control equipment. With our Minnesota operating base, we know what it’s like to have to move a lot of snow quickly and efficiently, and this experience has taught us about the need for reliable and durable snowplows.

If you need a snowplow that works when you need it time after time, make sure you purchase a Hiniker snowplow. We design our snowplows for your needs, and we invite you to experience our innovative and efficient line-up of snowplows.