Hiniker Company is a Minnesota based manufacturer with over 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of snow and ice control equipment.  With roots in the agricultural equipment industry going back to 1970 and continuing today, we know how to build tough, productive, reliable equipment.

Hiniker snow and ice equipment is built to enable the operator to work as efficiently as possible.  We do this with innovative and purpose-built designs like the Hiniker C-Plow and the Hiniker Scoop plow, with durable Hiniker V-plows and straight plows, and with the Hiniker stainless steel line of V-box and tailgate spreaders. 

And we do it with equipment that is straightforward and simply reliable, to keep downtime to a minimum. Contact us today at 507-625-6621 for more information or vist your nearest Hiniker dealer in Minnesota!