As we are in the thick of winter, it is time to consider the best equipment and products to combat or prevent ice and snow accumulation. Two popular strategies are deicing and anti-icing. The main difference between the two approaches is whether the product is applied before or after the snow has fallen. Learn more about the differences and find out which piece of equipment best fits your needs to prevent or treat snow and ice.

What is Deicing?

Most businesses use a removal approach for their ice and snow. If this is your strategy, then consider using deicing. A deicing solution is used to melt compacted snow and ice accumulation. It’s particularly effective if snow and ice have bonded with your pavement. Deicing products are typically applied in a granular form using a truck-mounted spreader after the surface has already been plowed. However, deicing techniques typically take more time and resources than anti-icing.

Hiniker provides a line of professional-grade stainless-steel salters and spreaders to tackle any blizzard.

What is Anti-Icing?

On the other hand, anti-icing prevents ice and snow from bonding with the pavement in the first place. Anti-icing products are applied before a snowfall and create a barrier that prevents bonding. An anti-icing solution is often applied in a liquid form to sidewalks, driveways, and parking lots before snowfall, making these areas easy to plow.

Anti-icing is a cost-effective alternative to deicing. Not only will you save time by preventing ice buildup from bonding with your pavement, but you’ll also use less product. Of course, anti-icing is only effective if you are capable of doing it before snowfall. If you don’t have the time or equipment necessary for preventative property maintenance, you’ll need to use deicing products.

Hiniker’s new anti-icing liquid brine applicator, called the “Brine App” is coming out in 2020. Stay tuned for details on this new innovative design.

Professional Spreaders, Liquid Applicators, and More!

Of course, neither product is effective if you don’t have a reliable application system. The latest sand and salt spreaders use innovative technology and easily fit in your pickup truck or attach to your hitch.

Choose professional equipment to accurately spread anti-icing products before a storm or deicing products after snow and ice have already formed on your pavement. With durable designs, heavy-duty motors and accurate spreading designs, the latest spreaders and liquid applicators offer you a convenient way to prepare for or to combat a snowstorm.

Hiniker, the same company that brings you professional-grade spreaders, also carries a line of professional snowplows. Check out our popular V-plow option, as well as our C-plow for crowded parking lots. The C-plow converts from a conventional plow to a back drag with the push of a button, which makes pulling snow away from parked cars a breeze.

Learn More About Snow Removal Solutions

Both anti-icing and deicing are popular ways to prepare your commercial property for efficient snowplowing. For more information about deicing and anti-icing, as well as the latest line of snowplows, spreaders, and snowplow accessories, visit your local Hiniker dealer today.