I have plowed commercially for the past 18 years. Like most New Englanders, I have always used Fisher Plows because that’s the plow you are “supposed” to use for New England winters.

This past year, Gurney’s Automotive recommended I try a Hiniker plow. I purchased the 9.5 ft V-plow. My first reaction was that the plow was light-weight and seemed too simple to be as effective as my previous Fisher blades.

To my surprise, after the first large storm I was blown away by the performance of the Hiniker V-plow. It pushed heavy snow as well as any plow I have ever used. I was very impressed with the surface clearing capability of the blade and coverage of the V-blade while making long sweeps in parking lots. The V-plow was as effective as any V-blade I had used in the past at getting in and around right courter.

The weight of the plow never became an issue like I was anticipating. In fact, the light weight of the plow became a blessing! I noticed much less wear and strain on the truck, storm after storm. After the first year, I noticed less tire wear than I have experienced in the past.

The simple technology or “farm technology” as I like to refer to it, also became a blessing in disguise. During one storm, I cut a hydraulic line due to a rock and was able to replace the line within minutes using over the counter parts I was able to purchase at a local part department without having to return to the dealer. This allowed me to return to work with no less down time than a long coffee break.

I was very impressed with the cutting edge. I should be able to get a handful of seasons out of the blade instead of replacing it every year or two, like I have become accustom to.

After one year of aggressive commercial use, I can honestly recommend Hiniker plows to any commercial user or home owner. The plow can withstand any abuse you can dish at it, it can move any pile that your truck can handle. I believe the plow will save you money, not only at the initial purchase, but also in repairs to the plow and long term wear and tear to your truck.

I can without a doubt recommend Gurney’s Automotive as a Hiniker dealer, from the pricing to customer service, they cannot be matched. It’s a pleasure to do business with someone who truly wants to earn and keep your business.


-Tim Foss, Foss Motors Inc.