Carol Collins Retirement

Hiniker’s Senior Accounting Manager, Carol Collins is retiring after 30 years of service. Carol began working at Hiniker immediately after college graduation and decided to continue her full career at Hiniker. Carol’s main job duties at Hiniker included managing 401K, preparing financial statements, and keeping accounting records.

When asked what her proudest accomplishment was at Hiniker, she stated “keeping the 401K accurate without any hiccups or mistakes.” She also recalled a moment where she was told her former boss described her as someone with integrity, which was memorable to her because being thought of in that way was always a personal goal of hers.

When asked about what she will miss, Carol said, “I will miss the people at Hiniker. The highlight of my day was having conversations with coworkers.”
Looking ahead to retired life, Carol stated “I refuse to be a Walmart greeter”. She is going to start by going through boxes of past treasured items at her house, visiting LA for her son’s wedding, and volunteering at an art museum.