Al Meyer Retirement

Hiniker would like to thank Machinist Tool and Die Maker, Al Meyer for his 41 years of service. Al’s main job function is to make parts for all of Hiniker’s snow and ag equipment. The most rewarding job that Al has accomplish during his time at Hiniker is the work he did in the tool room, building dies for parts. During retirement, Al will miss all of the people he’s met at Hiniker throughout the years.

When asked if Al had any words of wisdom, he responded “just stick with it!” He explained that everyone has a different way of doing things; someone may be using the same piece of machinery, but they work in a totally different way and that’s ok as long as they stick with it and find what works best for them.

Al is retiring on Friday. He plans on honing his woodworking skills- making wooden cabinets for his collectible baseball cards and bobbleheads and creating custom wooden spoons for his wife. Enjoy your retirement Al, Hiniker wishes you all the best!