New Hiniker Tilt-Lift Plow Utilizes O.E.M Truck Lights

  • New Hiniker Tilt Lift Plow Utilizes O.e.m Truck Lights

Hiniker Company recently introduced its new 1700 Series Tilt-Lift plow.  The unique Hiniker lifting action keeps the moldboard positioned below the level of the truck lights, eliminating the need for auxiliary plow-mounted headlights.  This reduces overall cost and installation time, as well as maintenance requirements.  The 1700 Series plows are available in 7 and 7 ½ ft. widths and feature a 26-inch tall torsion trip-edge moldboard with a stainless steel surface.

The self-aligning, drive-in Hiniker Quick-Hitch mounting system allows users to connect the plow within seconds.  The new plows give property owners who want to perform their own winter maintenance a high quality, full-function plow at an economical price.  The plow features hydraulic power angling, lifting and stacking capabilities, and utilizes commercial quality hydraulic and electrical components throughout.

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