The C-Plow from Hiniker Company combines the functions of conventional plowing and backdrag plowing systems into a single innovative design.

The C-Plow is operated as a conventional plow in the forward plowing mode, with the normal hydraulic angling and spring-trip moldboard functions. For backdragging, the upper 3/4 of the high-density polyethylene moldboard is hydraulically folded over, creating a rear facing backdrag blade. A second cutting edge fastened to the top of the moldboard becomes the contact point with the ground surface.

Additionally, the Hiniker C-Plow features a high clearance split trip-edge. Each half of the trip-edge works independently of the other, reducing stress on the plow in forward mode.

The C-Plow is available in 8 ft. and 9 ft. widths.   All Hiniker plows employ the Hiniker Quick-Hitch system, a drive-in mounting system that provides easy one-lever attachment of the plow to the truck.