Hiniker would like to thank Desktop Publishing Coordinator, Roger Schmidt for his 14 years of service. Roger is retiring at the end of this week. Roger joined Hiniker because he has strong technical skills and  a background in manufacturing and engineering. When he sent his resume filled with photos, documents, and engineering drawings, Hiniker told Roger that he was exactly what was needed.


Roger works closely with engineers to create Hiniker’s manuals and designs other documents.  When asked what the most rewarding part of his job is, he stated “inspiring coworkers to use the computer as a helpful tool.” Roger gained technical skills from his original hobby of building his own computer.


Roger will miss many things about Hiniker but the two things he will miss most are working with manufacturing and his coworkers at Hiniker. “The people I work with have become friends.”, Roger stated. Roger wishes Hiniker much success in the future, while he enjoys photography, working on cars, traveling, and spending time with his family during retirement. Roger enjoy your retirement you deserve it, Hiniker wishes you all the best!