Headlamp Aiming Maintenance

Park the vehicle with the plow attached on a level surface 25 ft from a flat, unobstructed light-colored wall.

With no load on the vehicle other than the driver, snowplow and rear ballast weight, inspect the vehicle for proper tire inflation and broken or sagging suspension components. Check functioning of any automatic vehicle leveling systems and any specific manufacturer’s instructions pertaining to vehicle preparation for headlamp aiming. Stabilize the suspicion by rocking the vehicle sideways.

Mark a vertical line (line 1) on the wall with black tape, or other means, directly ahead of the center of the vehicle.

Mark two additional vertical lines (lines 3 and 4) offset 20 ½ inches from the first line representing the distance between the two plow headlamps.

Measure the height from the ground to the center of the plow headlamps, then mark a horizontal line (line 2) on the wall at that same height.

Refer to the following chart then mark a second horizontal line below the first (line 5), as required.

Wipe the lamp lenses clean and check for proper switching and function.

Activate the plow lamp HIGH beams to illuminate toward the wall. Focus the center of the RH light beam on the intersection of lines 4 and 5.

Tighten the headlamp mounting hardware to 70 ft.-lbs (95 N-m) maximum to hold the headlamps in position.